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Mr MooQ Continues To Shine In “Are We Good”

 Where can I get three orders of Mr MooQ’s spirit?

Mr MooQ is a major staple here at The Ratings Game. His lively music has always been a welcoming addition to the site. Usually, he blesses us with positive vibes, which is typically accompanied by colorful EDM instrumentals. In “Are We Good,” the veteran singer was able to gift us with an extremely catchy tune that features some heartfelt lyrics and great melodies.

You know what I love about this song? It’s extremely relatable. Everybody has been in love before, and when in love, you go through ups and downs. With that being said, you try to reminisce on the good times, even thinking about possibly bringing it back. These sentiments power MooQ’s lyrics, in addition to a level of passion that is amazing to listen to. When you throw in the vibrant instrumental that MooQ sings over, what you get is an outstanding hit song that never lets up in energy.

Being in a relationship is so hard! That’s why songs about resiliency is so important to have in your life.




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