I knew two light skin brothers couldn’t be mad at one another for too long. 

It seems as though Joyner Lucas is trying to make the album of his life with “ADHD.” Not only has he dropped some epic singles off of it these last couple of weeks, but he’s also done a good job of hyping it up in social media. Today, the Massachusetts rapper was able to get us even more hyped for the project by leaking a new explosive track from it with Logic called “ISIS.”

What makes “ISIS” so interesting is that a couple years back, Logic and Joyner Lucas had beef with one another. All that has changed quick — so much so that the two rappers were able to show great chemistry with one another on this new song.

As expected, what you get from the two beige rappers on “ISIS” is murdered beats, crazy punchlines and tons of flexing over this riveting instrumental. As a rap fan, I found the song hella enjoyable, even though I feel like them n***as was insulting me nonstop on the track.

Logic looks like a younger version of Colin Cowherd. Joyner Lucas looks like Ice Cube’s son.