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Sheck Wes Returns With “Losing My Mind”


I only like Sheck Wes songs that are about athletes. 

Sheck Wes isn’t the greatest rapper since Pac, but he has this appeal to him that is hard to ignore. In his breakout hit, “Mo Bamba,” the black as hell rapper was able to gift us with a track that was so infectious, it almost felt like it would be perfect to hear at a ritual. Today, he was able to gift us with yet another infectious song in “Losing My Mind” that will literally make you lose your mind.

“Losing My Mind” has a fire ass beat attached to it. Over this beat, Sheck does his best impression of Jeremih, singing his ass off about being a gritty ass n***a that isn’t afraid to spray at his enemies. While I f**k with the melody attached to the song, I admit that Sheck’s voice eventually gets annoying as hell.

Sheck be pulling some bad joints.



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