Something about those suicide doors makes n***as want to cry tears of joy.

So what exactly are suicide doors? Suicide Doors is a term for car doors hinged at its rear rather than the front. They are typically seen in expensive cars, which is why you always hear rappers bragging about it in their music. Jozey is one of those individuals with a car that has some, and in his new single, he’s ecstatic about it!

In “Suicide Doors,” not only does Jozey brag and boast about his unique car, but he also talks about how his drip is so stunning, all the bad chicks want to be apart of his wave. Musically, I love the melody Joz was able to deliver throughout, his daring singing, and most importantly, the overall smooth vibes the song gives off. All in all, I f**k with this s**t a lot!

I don’t have suicide doors in my car, but I’ma take some tools and create some my damn self!