Mindless has an ear for music that is pretty impressive.

Hip-hop music has come such a long way, right? In the beginning, I feel like artists were a bit timid when it came to being creative, instead opting to go the safe route with their artistry. Nowadays, musicians are a lot more daring and OK with pushing boundaries when it comes to expressing how they feel. In Mindless’ new EP, I feel like he takes the whole idea of innovative hip-hop music to another level, gifting us with a short body of work that is truly unique.

There’s never really a dull moment on Mindless’ new EP, and if there is one, it is masked with an infectious melody. Seriously, from the moment you press play on song number one from the EP, you are greeted with “Do You Love Me” — a hypnotizing gem that features a cloudy instrumental and lots of feelings being spilled through all-time great melodies. From there, you are treated to the sad, yet inspiring “I Can Relate,” silky smooth club bangers in “Patience,” and  “Money On My Mind,” and last but not least, the catchy “Holdin On To You.” Not a single song I mentioned above is met with standard approaches, they are each either catchy, infectious, spellbinding or soulful. Damn Mindless, who would’ve thought you were a musical ventriloquist?

Mindless has next, and this new EP confirms it.