If you ask me, Temp has superstar written all over him. Not only is he a duo threat — having the ability to both rap and sing equally as well — but he also has this appeal to his artistry that is glaring. In his newest project, “Remember Me,” Temp tries to navigate through a promising run in the game while also maintaining the same level of hunger he had when he first started rapping.





“Came Up” is one of those songs that are short, but sweet. It features this fast tempo instrumental that combines both trap and club vibes together, and over that instrumental, Temp goes for his, spitting bars about putting his competition in their places, stiff arming labels, putting on for his day ones and booking the baddest of chicks. On the real, I f**k with the energy Temp raps with from start to finish on the song, and how he literally plows his way to the finish line hurling out bars with a tone that is extra competitive. I like!




“Understand Me” is one of the toughest tracks I’ve heard this year. First and foremost, it is powered by this dark trap instrumental that feels like it was made in an abandoned bando building in the hood. As for Temp, on the track, he raps with this level of force that is extremely forceful, as he talks about his intent on being the realest rapper in the game, in addition to an individual that doesn’t rely on a meal ticket to make it to the top. All in all, I love the gutter vibes attached to the song, the force Temp raps with from start to finish, and how authentic/real every single word our hero spews on it.



3. ON ME

How can you hate “On Me?” (Both literally and figuratively) It has a helluva melody attached to it, and singing-wise, Temp does his best to play John Legend on it (OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration).

You know what I love about “On Me?” Content-wise, Temp does a great job of letting listeners know that he’s a giving dude when he wants to be, but also someone who’s aware of the snakes lurking in the grass. This makes the song feel like a celebration, but at the same time, a warning of sorts. (I love celebration warnings!)

Something about getting it, then giving back to those who helped you to get there is extremely honorable, to me.




“Underdogs” is as appropriate as it gets when it comes to starting an album off. On it, Temp gets a chance to tell the world what motivates him to succeed, what keeps him grinding, and how the odds were stacked up against him since coming out of the womb. As a hip-hop fan, I love how electrifying the beat Temp raps over on this song, and how he takes full command of every moment he gets to speak knowledge to us. As a human-being with a grinders mindset, I simply loved the passion Temp showed on this song from start to finish.




I can almost guarantee that you will love “How U Feel.” Not only does it feature an instrumental that is radio-friendly, but it also contains a great melody, a subject-matter that most of us fellas and ladies can relate to (The song is about appreciating your lover as much as you can), and some feel-good vibes. At the same time, Temp doesn’t hold back on his verses, remaining his usual brash self, not holding back when it comes to what he wants to do to his chick and how he wants to treat her. That’s how you keep it gangsta and romantic, bro!

I’m bumpin’ this joint on my way to Cancun with my chick.


1. UNDERDOGS (4.5/5)

2. REMEMBER ME (4/5)

3. LOST SIGHT (3.5/5)

4. BLACK KINGZ (4/5)

5. ON ME (4/5)

6. KNOW IT’S REAL (3.5/5)


8. HOW U FEEL (5/5)


10. CAME UP (4.5/5)

11. BAG (4/5)

12. FLASHBACKS (4/5)

13. POINT OF VIEW (3.5/5)




The level of passion that you hear from Temp on this album cannot be copied, emulated or transferred. I feel like he gives 125% effort on every bar he spits, and that’s mainly because he’s appreciative of the position he is in right now. At the same time, I can tell he is not quite ready to take s**t for granted, which results in hungry bars and profound lyrics. As a listener, the combination of those two aspects makes for some pretty intriguing music.

While Temp’s rapping and singing on “Remember Me” is pretty solid, I think it’s the subject-matters that he covers on it that stands out the most. Throughout the thirteen track album, the thankful rapper talks about everything from hustling ’til the lights come on to understanding ones worth, showing just as much humility as realness. In the end of the day, Temp is just an ordinary dude that wants to succeed like the rest of us in his craft, and that’s hella dope to listen to.

One of the most slept on aspects about this album is the instrumentals on it. While each and every one of them have this hard-hitting sound attached to it, there is also a level of either vibrancy or soulfulness also plugged into them. Even if you aren’t a fan of rap or hip-hop music, you have to feel the beats you heard from song number 1 to song number 13.

More than anything, “Remember Me” is a great listen overall. Temp’s knack for excelling despite being the underdog is intriguing enough to give it a try, while his mastery in everything from dropping solid bars to melodic hooks is enjoyable enough to keep you hooked. On the real, I do not see how anyone cannot appreciate this project.