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Bas & J.I.D. Join Forces For “Fried Rice”


Bas & J.I.D. = Rap’s version of Curry & Klay Thompson.

Dreamville Records are like a 2019 version of 1997’s Bad Boy Records. Not only do they have one of the biggest rappers in the game in J. Cole, but they also have some pretty solid supporting cast members, too. Today, two of those members (Bas and J.I.D.) decided to link up for “Fried Rice.”

As expected, “Fried Rice” is hella lyrical, as it features everything from trill bars to tongue-twisting raps by both Bas and J.I.D (Respectively). While the track isn’t all that exciting to listen to (It has this numb tone to it overall), it’s way too kill-a-rapper-esque to ignore.

I hate to say it, but these two n***as could’ve created something better than this…



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