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Tyga Releases The J. Balvin & Chris Brown-Assisted “Haute”

Tyga might very well end up comeback player of the century (Right ahead of Tiger Woods).

For me, Tyga has solidified himself as a legit hip-hop talent. His last five singles (Dip, Taste, SWISH Girls Wanna Have Fun and Goddamn) have all been successes, especially in the clubs. Today, the LA rapper looks to continue his hot streak by releasing the very catchy “Haute.”

“Haute” is slick and sly, but also club-ready. The way it flows sounds very similar to “Taste” and “Dip,” however, there’s a little more energy attached to it. As for each person featured on the song, they do their thing on their respective verses, with Tyga rapping raw and carefree-ly, J. Balvin spitting aggressively and with great pizzazz, and expectedly, Chris Brown singing like he’s trying to get his vital organs back from a stripper that stole it from him. Though everybody utilizes different styles, they all follow the belief that they are the s**t and deserve bad b*tches and money sprinkled in their vicinity.

Tyga’s album is about to have more hits then Anthony Joshua’s face.




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