Josh Christina Electrifies In “Lets Get Woke”


Any song that reminds me of what was played on the scene where Marty McFly got his parents back together has a place in my heart.

Josh Christina is young, but he has a pretty old soul. According to the Grammy Award Winning Jon Carroll, he plays the piano like Jerry Lewis, sings like Elvis and looks like Buddy Holly (Josh Christina Music). But in all honesty, what I like most about Josh is his spirit. Not only is he soulful, but he’s also willing to let it all hang out whenever he makes a song.

Though I was born way after the fabulous ’50’s took place, I have always had an appreciation for the music that was made during that era. Apparently, Josh does too, because he was able to create a tune in “Lets Get Woke” that sounds like it was made in the backroom of a Howard Johnson’s. While the Rock-N-Roll you hear on the song is as authentic as it gets, so is Josh’s roaring vocals and action-packed lyrics. With that being said, you’ll love the energy attached to the song (Regardless of the type of music you like), especially if you play it in the right setting.

I swear, Josh Christina looks no more than 14 years old… At the same time, he sounds like he could play my grandfather in my biopic.






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