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B.o.B Shines In “Magic Number”

This song is fire!

“The Adventures Of Bobby Ray” is definitely one of my favorite albums of all time. On it, B.o.B. showed a level of versatility that was both inspiring and exciting. Since then, I feel like B.o.B has struggled to find himself artistically, putting on fake thug personas and hippie-like appearances in his music since then. Today, the Atlanta-based rapper has seemed to get back on track, with “Magic Number” being the perfect example of how far he has come these last couple of months.

“Magic Number” is a funky ass record that features old school vibes, numerous samples, raw bars and a pretty infectious tempo. In other words, the track is all over the place, hitting you from all kinds of angles like a game of dodge-ball.

Why can’t B.o.B make a comeback like Nick Foles?



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