Christian Rich & Jaden Smith Recruits Belly & Vic Mensa For “Shibuya (GHOST II)”

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This song definitely needed a remix to it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jaden Smith has next in the hip-hop game. Once he blows (Pause), the people that weren’t riding his wave in the past will reference “GHOST” as one of his best records. With that being said, the blazing hot hit got a remix today, and it features the often misunderstood Vic Mensa and the highly underrated Belly. While both rappers infuse their own unique styles into the song (Vic with his brash/unapologetic bars and Belly with his cool as a cucumber delivery of sacred lyrics), it is still the energy of the instrumental and Jaden’s hook that makes this song tick. No need to pay attention to this remix, latch on tight to the original.

Jaden’s music gets major burn from me when I’m in the gym.



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