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Rockie Brown Delivers The Powerful “Hero”

Do you see the level of focus on everyone’s face on the music video up top? This song is something serious!

Rockie Brown isn’t just a musician, she’s someone that loves to push boundaries when she makes songs. In Rockie’s previous single, “Get Gone,” I thought she electrified, delivering a kick-ass record that featured futuristic vibes and daring vocals. In her latest single, “Hero,” she tones things down a bit, gifting us with this soothing gem that features an outstanding singing performance and some pretty powerful lyrics.

Certain musicians can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up; Rockie Brown is one of them. In “Hero,” Rockie literally gets lost in this earth-shaking instrumental, pouring her heart out and opening up in ways that will literally give you the chills. At certain points of the song, the Las Vegas baby sounds like she has the holy ghost being removed from her, sparking me to make sure my walls aren’t shaking.

Rockie Brown is nothing short of amazing.



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