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IsoJozey Drops The High-Octane “It Gets Better”

Who doesn’t need a few shots of positive music like “It Gets Better?”

IsoJozey is one of those artists that are all about energy when he makes music. In a good chunk of his songs, he draws inspiration from EDM, club and festive vibes, allowing listeners to pump fists and jump on beds. In his latest single, “It Gets Better,” Iso drops something sparkly and energetic, resulting in nearly two and a half minutes of pure entertainment.

You know what I love about “It Gets Better?” IsoJozey shows absolutely no fear on the track. From start to finish, he sings daringly, caring less what we think about his boisterous vocals and vulnerable lyrics. Additionally, his focus on trying to woo us all in with an infectious melody is appealing, especially considering the spirited/bouncy instrumental he decided to sing over. All in all, I consider this song a win for Iso.

Make sure you take a listen to “It Gets Better” at the top of the page! Trust me, It will definitely brighten your day.




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