Lyricast sounds like he’s ready to go to war with anyone who’s interested in blocking his success in “Motivation”

When a rapper is motivated to make it to the top of their craft, nothing can stop them from reaching that goal. In “Motivation,” we get a chance to hear Lyricast’s journey to success, and what he delivers is a passionate banger that features nothing but words of wisdom and explosive vibes.

The first thing that comes to my mind while I listen to this song is Lyricast’s energy on it. From start to finish, our hero spews out animated bars, giving listeners the proper introduction to who he is as a man and a hustler. Aside from that, I thought Lyricast did a great job of engaging with us through a very catchy hook and consistent flow, grabbing our attention and never letting go. If you ask me, that is how you establish your dominance on a song.

Make sure you check out Lyricast’s “Motivation” at the top of the page. Trust me, it’ll get you amped up!