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Chris Brown Recruits Gunna For “Heat”

Why does Chris Brown look like a purple greaser on the artwork to his “Indigo” album?

I love Chris Brown when he slows things down, but on the real, I think he’s special when he relies on his energy to carry him to the finish line. In “Heat,” the newest single off of Brown’s upcoming “Indigo” album, the VA native was able to utilize on his explosive energy to create this exhilarating R&B track that features a bass boomin’ instrumental, boisterous vocals and slick ass lyrics by both him and featured guest Gunna. While the song isn’t productive to married men like myself, I do think it will appeal to all the club-goers of the world that think they found the type of chick that can put it down in the bedroom and stripper pole (Where dey find that at, though?).

I’m looking for a chick that’s lukewarm… I’m old now, my back can’t take that heat s**t!



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