Hold on, Lil Nas X isn’t actually a country artist?

Lil Nas X’s name will forever be linked to “Old Town Road.” That doesn’t mean he won’t get his opportunities to prove to the world that he is more than a one-hit wonder. With the release of “Panini,” Horse Boy finally got a chance to spread his wings, and the end-result is an infectious banger that has him doing everything but giving off country vibes.

I actually love “Panini!” It’s daring, catchy, and most importantly, it showcases Lil Nas X’s ability to create a vulnerable hip-hop cut. While I am confused at what ‘Panini’ means in the grand scheme of things (Even after listening to the song), I respect X’s willingness to come across like both a fat ass and a Kurt Cobain fan (Lil Nas X said he was inspired by Kurt Cobain during the making of this song… I am assuming he was also inspired by the name of a sandwich, too).

Lil Nas X should be writing “I told you so” to literally every naysayer’s Twitter right now.