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Migos Returns With “Stripper Bowl”

Don’t you get the sense that listeners are tired of the Migos?

Whether you like it or not, Migos has had one of the greatest runs in hip-hop history these last couple of years. Not only did they create the dab within that time (Something they love bringing up on all their songs), but they were also able to deliver plenty of hit records and solid albums, too. In 2019, thus far, the trio hasn’t quite found their footing, which can very well be because they are out doing their own solo dolo things. Well, by dropping “Stripper Bowl,” perhaps they can make a late push for group of the year starting now.

“Stripper Bowl” is an amped up song that feeds off of club vibes and gutter feels. As expected, Quavo is the star of the show on it, gifting us with this rowdy/catchy contribution throughout, while Offset and Takeoff do their parts in playing real n***as that have strippers, money and dubs in their vicinity on their verses. When you combine the three sounds together, you get a a stereotypical club track that sounds a bit undone.

Why does it sound like Takeoff and Offset are playing Quavo’s bodyguards on this song?



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