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Made Alive Gives Us Something Vibrant & Powerful In “Made Alive”

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Who said married couples can’t have music fun together?

Made Alive (Brian and Katie) are husband and wife songwriters, singers and performers from Minnesota. Since being brought together on Christmas 2016, the duo has been able to create music focused on their faith and relationship. In “Made Alive,” one of the singles off of their new EP with the same name, Brian and Kate were able to show the world how much growth they’ve gone through throughout the years.

“Made Alive” is a lot of fun to listen to. Once it gets started, what you get is electrifying guitar-play, heavy-hitting drumming and boisterous vocals, which results in this authentic rock feel that does a great job of getting every ounce of your body to feel something. However, I believe the song’s content is the big takeaway. It touches on turning a fringe believer in Christ into a believer that is confident and self-assured; a topic I find pretty powerful.

Who said Gospel music can’t be edgy?




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