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Kevin Gates Gets Melodic In “Return Of The Mack”

Kevin Gates ain’t no damn mack! He’s way too bizarre to be a mack!

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I kinda miss the old Kevin Gates. Back in the day, he had his moments in which he was prophet-sounding, but in other times, he was capable of getting playa on, delivering music that was daring and personable. With the release of “Return Of The Mack,” the Louisiana native somewhat gets back to his playa ways, gifting us with a melodic effort that features lots of sex-talk and vulnerability.

I am one of the few people that prefers when Kevin Gates is on some melodic s**t. No, he doesn’t have the greatest voice since Whitney, but in my opinion, he is more than capable of reaching certain notes. Nonetheless, “Return of the Mack” has Gates singing his ass off and sounding emotion, practically coming across like a real life version of Corey from Boy Meets World and s**t. Personally, I like the change in pace this song offers, and definitely can see this joint getting some burn in the clubs.

Kevin Hates got yellow hair, yet no n***a is willing to even question him one bit…




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