Joyner Lucas Spits Fire In “Broke & Stupid”


Is Joyner Lucas going to release every single song off of his album before it comes out?

I loved Jay-Z’s “Dear Summer” instrumental from back in the day so much that I downloaded Memphis Bleek’s “534” album just to listen to it. With that being said, the soulful beat needed to be slayed once more by a dominant MC, and thankfully, Joyner Lucas stepped up to the plate.

“Broke and Stupid” is kinda like an exhibition for Joyner Lucas. On it, he hurls out bars utilizing a consistent flow, touches on topics such as overcoming hate and embracing change, and most importantly, spits with this level of electricity that is just as impressive as it is infectious. Personally, I love the energy attached to this song, especially how it ratchets up as it continues to go on (Joyner loves making music that eventually reaches its boiling point).

According to my calculations, Joyner Lucas has a shot at album of the year…




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