GIDS is untamed and unapologetic in “1000 Grams.” 

GIDS is as hungry as a rapper there is out there, so when you give him a grungy instrumental and begin to doubt him, he shines his brightest. In “1000 Grams,” the Tustin, CA rapper blesses us with an introduction of sorts, letting the world know how sick his flow is, how killer his bars are, and most importantly, how unchained his thoughts are.

”1000 Grams” is a rap fan’s dream song. On it, you get a hard-hitting beat and plenty of raw raps; that means if you were looking for something melodic or catchy, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Personally, what I love about the song is how GIDS hurls out bars so relentlessly, piecing together his thoughts on drug-usage, running the rap game and hustling his way to the top. It’s almost like GIDS is giving the world his 5 year plan in the form of a tough ass rap song.

Make sure you listen to GIDS’ “1000 Grams” track at the top of the page! Trust me, it features bars galore.