Boasty is a cold ass dude!

If you don’t know who Boasty is, it’s about time you get on Google and figure out. Not only do I think he’s the truth on the mic, but I also think he has this swagger to him that is prideful, confident and gangsta. In “No Apologies,” Boasty proves his worth to the hip-hop world, gifting us with this dark banger that has him playing idol and villain all at the same time.

“No Apologies” is as trill as it gets. First and foremost, the track is powered by this hard-hitting/inky instrumental that literally sounds like it just got done sticking up a family of five. Over this instrumental, Boasty has fun with it, dropping bars about his women-slaying/money-making/ops destroying/luxurious ways utilizing this animated approach throughout. On the real, while listening to the track, I imagined Boasty holding guns on one hand, money on the other, chains on his neck, and a woman clinging onto his stomach as he laid down his bars.

Boasty’s “No Apologies” is a must-listen!