I needed a rebellious tune like “Down Down” in my life!

Bonne Finken is an award-winning singer/songwriter that I believe has the voice of a legend. Throughout her journey in music, Bonne has been able to stay true to herself, shunning major media opportunities in favor of perfecting her craft. In “Down Down,” the tutelage Bonne was able to learn translates to an outstanding tune that is powerful, rebellious and flat-out great musically.

“Down Down” isn’t short of passion. From the moment you press play on it, you are greeted to this engulfing instrumental that features lots of hard-hitting and soulful elements attached to it. Over this instrumental, Bonne lets go, singing burlily about both showing resiliency and a will to get off the mat when someone or something puts you there. Overall, I love how infectious the hook Bonne delivers is, how emotional she is vocally throughout, and most importantly, the message the song gives off as a whole.

Don’t you get the feeling that Bonne’s journey in the music industry is what mainly powers this song?