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Jaden Preps “ERYS” With The Release Of “Again”

“ERYS” drops this Friday.

Jaden isn’t your ordinary rapper. In his music, he does a lot of experimenting, which usually results in old heads like myself being confused as hell when we listen to his s**t. With that being said, I believe Jaden is hella artistic, and in “Again,” he showcases his artistic mindset in a myriad of ways.

“Again” starts off as a banger, as it features plenty of mumbling and a heavy-hitting trap beat that just knocked the Cheerios off of the top of my fridge. On this portion of the song, you get a gritty approach from Jaden, as he bullies foes and brags about his unattainable lifestyle. Ultimately, the song turns into this complete sapfest, as the once confident Jaden transforms into a clingy ass n***a that probably eats all the red Starbursts in a pack and takes naps on random lawns with his girlfriend. Honestly, how drastically this song flipped faces is astonishing.

Jaden is living in his own little world, and he’s allowed to do so because he’s rich!



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