I love pop hits that glides its way to the finish line both smoothly and effortlessly like “One Lucky Man!

Almost Owen is a highly-talented singer, songwriter and producer that loves to pour his heart and soul into the music he makes. In “One Lucky Man,” his latest single, Owen creates in ode dedicated to his friends, and the end-result is a splashy pop banger that never lets up in feel-good vibes.

Though we may not be fortunate enough to have Almost Owen as a friend, he makes us still feel good about ourselves in One Lucky Man.” First and foremost, the delightful track is powered by this uptempo instrumental that I can guarantee will make you want to dance and cry tears of joy all at the same time. Over this instrumental, Owen lets loose vocally, letting his true emotions spill out through heavenly vocals and heartwarming lyrics revolving around having friends in his life that are honest, faithful and patient. Overall, I was floored by how pure and natural this song felt on my soul.

Where can I sign up to be Almost Owen’s friend?