Does The Snowman have one more trick up his sleeves?

If Jeezy were to retire, he would already be considered a trap legend. With that being said, The Snowman is clearly not ready to kick the rap can yet, because today, he decided to drop a new gangsta anthem titled “1 Time” that has him sounding revitalized like s**t.

“1 Time” is as trill as it is old school-sounding. The instrumental that powers the song is on some “Reasonable Doubt” s**t, while the pep Jeezy raps with on his verses and the hook are cool, calm and collected. However, what tells me this n***a might be back is his lyrical content — It revolves around moving weight, threatening foes and overcoming major obstacles on the way to success. Yes, this is classic Jeezy!

I might actually f**k with this joint, bro!