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Andrew Neil Illuminates In “Hope”

Hope Web

Anybody else feel all giddy inside after listening to this song?

Technically, Andrew Neil is what you will consider an ‘Outsider Grunge Folk’ artist, however, I simply call him an engaging musician. Whenever Neil makes music, he ensures to instill impassioned messages into it that resonates with all kinds of listeners. With that being said, “Hope” is one of those powerful songs that does a great job of grabbing your soul and never letting go of it.

“Hope” is powered by this explosive instrumental that features tons of hard-hitting and glistening elements attached to it. Andrew gets lost in this instrumental, singing feverishly about a woman named ‘Hope’ that feels good, always knows what to say to him and is memorizing to look at. While the lyrical content you get from Neil is beyond heartwarming to listen to, I think it’s his passionate harmonizing that drives this song to the next level.




7 thoughts on “Andrew Neil Illuminates In “Hope”

  1. Found out you can get download the song through his web site by subscribing to updates.

    1. Awesome, thank you very much!

      It’s individuals like Andrew that inspire us all — not only with his resiliency, but also with his knack for perfecting his craft and giving the world a chance to see and hear his best self. I am rooting for him, and I definitely feel blessed to be able to talk about his song on this site!

      1. Quincy…..You know he was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer just 3 weeks ago. He wrote the song in Feb before we started recording his new album “Freak”. He has been through one session of Chemo. He has 5 more to go over a six month period. The Album will be released this fall. The Single “Hope” will be on the album and will be released officially on Friday. Peace to you and thank you again. I am Andrew’s dad.

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