Jalen McMillan – Call My Name (Song Of The Month)

“Call My Name” might be the HOTTEST SONG OUT RIGHT NOW!

Jalen McMillian is clearly a duel threat. Not only does he have the ability to sing  smoothly and deliver infectious melodies, but he also knows how to rap tenaciously and flow outstandingly. In “Call My Name,” one of the hottest tracks off of Jalen’s Triple threat EP, he gifts us with an action-packed serenade that is just as trill as it is romantic.

With the topic of “Call My Name” revolving around being the type of dude that answers the call whenever his chick needs some lovin’, I thought Jalen played his cards right. I like how he attacks the smooth instrumental that powers the song, throwing both easy-going and grungy lines at it throughout. It’s almost like he’s ready to be either Rico Suave or a straight Savage in the bedroom all depending on what his girl wants (These days you gotta be versatile, fellas).

Jalen McMillian plans on releasing a music video to “Call My Name” really soon. In the meantime, listen to the song up top, and also make sure you follow him on his social media pages below to keep tabs on his whereabouts!


Facebook – Facebook.com/JalenMcMillan
Instagram – Instagram.com/girlslovejalenmcmillan 




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