Piper Landon Electrifies In “Car Solutions”

Piper Landon’s drive clearly shows in “Car Solutions!”

Listen, I’m just going to get straight to the point here: “Car Solutions” is a freakin’ smash! I love how the song blends both pop and R&B music together, how Piper delivers a performance that is soothing/gentle, yet edgy and kick-ass all at the same time on it, and lastly, its overall energy. But in my opinion, the element I enjoy most about this song is its message. What I believe Piper is trying to tell us is that she wants someone who can make her live life more freely — even if temporarily. Whoever, that special person is better be comfortable switching lanes, running red lights and making illegal U-Turns.

I can learn a thing or two from this song, folks! I feel like I drive like a grandma in relationships!




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