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French Montana & Max B – Coke Wave 4 (Mixtape Review)


The Wavy Boys (aka French Montana and Max B) unite for “Coke Wave 4” — Their first project since 2009.





“Angel Of My Life” isn’t great (Especially the hook, I hate that s**t), but when you combine the patriotic instrumental that powers it and both Max and French’s plucky verses to the equation (Especially Max’s verse), you get a track that feels as cinematic as a Tarantino movie (That’s a stretch,  but I’m doing my best to get you to listen to this s**t). I especially love how Max talks about his determination to never give up on reaching success (He’s even willing to take on courts and foes in the process). Bless his heart for being an optimistic n***a!




“Yes Ya’ll” is tough as f**k! It features this hard-hitting instrumental that literally sounds like it survived R. Kelly and the great Depression all at the same time. Over this instrumental, French Montana hurls out bars slowly and steadily, reinforcing the idea that he’s the realist thing since quarter waters in New York. As for Max B, on his verse, he lets the world know how resilient he is, as he talks about enduring street wars, crooked cops and shaky friends. By the end of this song, you’ll know which one of the two rappers are free and in jail, because there is a vast difference in coldness between the two.




“Hollywood Impossible” is hotter than fish grease! The explosive gem is powered by this killer instrumental that features a soulful sample on the hook and gritty vibes the rest of the way. As for Max B and French Montana, they are on their rappity rap s**t on the track, each spitting relentlessly about returning to their hustling/women-smashing/ballin’ ways. On the real, s**t felt like a super hero theme song for both guys, to me.

Max B has not been to no Hollywood in his lifetime… Maybe Compton, but not Hollywood!



2. SUPER BAD (2.5/5)


4.  HOLD ON (3/5)

5. YES YA’LL (4/5)

6. ONE MORE TIME (3.5/5)

7. DON’T PUSH ME (2/5)






“Coke Wave 4” is a very grungy effort by French Montana and Max B. On it, you get low-quality music that sounds like it was filmed in a lair located in the hood. (Yep, I don’t expect to see this joint on Apple Music or Spotify anytime soon)

I thought French Montana was pretty bad on this mixtape, but he definitely provided well-needed appeal to it. On his contributions, he was a lot more fearless/daring than Max B, singing loosely (Which translates to cringe-worthy s**t at times) and testing out a variety of flows rapping-wise. Content-wise, French talked about major hood topics, but never really dove deep into them; instead, often times, he resorted back to his meaningless flossing and near inaudible boasting. In a nutshell, you will have a love/hate (Mainly hate) relationship with French Montana on this project.

Max B, the guy that’s actually in jail today, absolutely killed s**t on this mixtape! Every verse he dropped seemed to have this level of hunger, pain, blood, sweat and tears instilled in it, which in my opinion, made “Coke Wave 4” feel like a plea for his freedom. As I stated earlier, Max didn’t experiment with a bunch of different sounds like French did, instead, he chose to discuss his hood trials and tribulations utilizing more of a grungy/simpler approach.

The MVP of this mixtape goes to all of the producers on it. I thought “Coke Wave 4” had fantastic instrumentals — ones that oozed both timeless and authentic hood vibes. Unfortunately, there were way too many strikeouts from Max and French on these beats (Mainly French), so they will probably go unnoticed.

“Coke Wave 4” isn’t going to be nominated for mixtape of the year, but in my opinion, it is one of the most interesting musical experiences you can listen to today. The tracks aren’t great on the project, but its roots centered around everlasting friendships, hood survival tactics, the dismissal of cops and hustling ’til you can’t anymore will ring louder than any other rap project you heard in the last six months.

2 thoughts on “French Montana & Max B – Coke Wave 4 (Mixtape Review)

  1. shits fire with a couple duds. max is know to make hundreds of songs and some just don’t have the wave. realistically, he’s in jail so u can only get so much of a high vibe from him. i think french stepped up to give max a platform, sortof a payback for what max did for frenchs brand.

    1. It’s funny, I definitely thought the album was a very interesting listen. I didn’t think the music was great, but it definitely was intriguing to listen to. I thought Max was actually fantastic on the album, but French left a bit to be desired.

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