ReLoVe Lets Loose In “Fly Away”

ReLoVe is ready to take a trip to ‘Cloud Nine’ on “Fly Away,” and at this point, I am begging to go with him. 

You know what makes art like music amazing? It allows you to dream big and imagine relentlessly. In “Fly Away,” ReLoVe takes full advantage of these sentiments, gifting us with a spirited tune that never lets up in creativity, electricity or unchained thoughts.

Honestly, the energy you get from “Fly Away” is way too powerful to pass up. From start to finish, listeners are greeted to festival-like vibes, emancipated feels, rebellious lyrics and exuberant singing. It almost feels like you are in this musical wonderland where you’re allowed to be free from rules and other people’s perceptions. If you ask me, this is what the audio version of Disney World would sound like.

ReLoVe is officially my idol!




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