It still astonishes me that 50 Cent has friends.

50 Cent’s popularity in the hip-hop game has been wishy-washy at best these last ten years. While the music he has released within that time has been halfway decent, s**t simply hasn’t stuck with people. With that being said, I believe “Big Rich Town (Remix)” could end up on plenty of individuals’ playlist. Not only does it feature uplifting vibes from both the instrumental that powers it and 50 Cent on his lone verse, but it also has an infectious hook by Trey Songz and a pretty trill verse by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. On the real, I believe this song is impossible to dislike (I don’t even think Ja Rule can hate on this s**t).

I’m rooting for 50 Cent to run the rap game at least one more time.