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Mike Posner & Ty Dolla $ign Get Inspirational In “Look What I’ve Become”


I miss the days Mike Posner was capable of stealing my girl 🙁 …

In the last couple of years, Mike Posner transformed himself from a sly crooner to a hippie-like musician. With that being said, in “Look What I’ve Become,” he combines both worlds together, gifting us with this inspirational banger called “Look What I’ve Become.”

Listen, the fact of the matter is “Look What I’ve Become” is a club banger. The instrumental that powers the song is hard as hell, while Mike’s melodies, boisterous singing and uplifting lyrical content is the perfect ingredients for getting listeners hyped the hell up. As for Ty Dolla $ign, this song’s featured guest, he does a great job of feeding off of Mike’s energy, making sure we all hear his come-up story from South Central to mega hip-hop star all while having an everlasting runny nose.

Mike Posner’s music makes me feel so good inside these days!



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