EDVanzd Raps Like A Possessed Man In “Move”

I wouldn’t be surprised if EDVanzd‘s head was spinning while he was recording this song.

More than likely, EDVanzd raps better than you, your sibling and that one friend of yours you think has next. I know someone is going to feel offended by that comment, but once you hear “Move,” you’ll realize why I said what I said.

“Move” is powered by this out-of-this-worldly instrumental that sorta reminds me of an updated version of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” instrumental. Over this instrumental, EDVanzd absolutely spazzes, going at his competition’s necks through complex flows, a trill ass hook and pure pizazz. On the real, this track was so explosive, while listening to it, I had to get my asthma pump (Mind you, I do not have asthma).

If rap had its version of a Wrestle-mania free-for-all, I have my money on EDVanzd whooping everybody!




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