Jalen McMillan’s Upcoming Song “No Cap” (Ft. DJ PLAE) Was Leaked!

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The next song rapper Jalen McMillan will release is called “No Cap,” and it features popular Tallahassee DJ, DJ PLAE, but we aren’t supposed to know that yet.

According to reports, the rapper’s latest track—which he’s composed with a beat from YouTube—was prematurely posted to SoundCloud. While fans are amped about the long-awaited new music from Tallahassee’s very own, Jalen is not happy about the way it’s been shared (Despite the fact that it has an impressive 60k+ plays).

Reports that Jalen’s label, Timeless Music, issued a cease and desist to the individual responsible for the leak, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of fans from grabbing the track and sending it around.

In one verse, he reportedly raps, “N***a, I’m cold like a midnight in aspen, I am the president, and the assassin. Lights, on, camera, flashin. Welcome to the show I’m the main attraction .”

Jalen is reportedly working hard on a mixtape & a music video for his hit song “Call My Name,” but there’s no release date as of yet.

Here is the Soundcloud link for the song, listen quickly because there’s a chance it will be taken down – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillanfans/jalen-mcmillan-no-cap-ft-dj-plae-leak.



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