This song makes me want to sneak out of my job and attend a local pool party.

When it comes to Naija musicians, Kapital Ifex is one of the biggest up-and-comers. His ability to create songs that are authentically afropop, yet universal-sounding is very impressive, to me. In “Awe,” his latest single, Kapital blesses us with an absolute banger that never lets up in summery vibes.

After listening to “Awe” one time, you are going to be hooked! First and foremost, the track features a colorful hip-hop instrumental that does everything in its power to get you to dance a little. Over this instrumental, Kapital sings both boisterously and confidently, letting listeners know about his come-up story and willingness to celebrate his fortunes. Overall, I think you will love the melody attached to this song, in addition to the feel good nature you get throughout.

Kapital Ifex has a fly ass name, so of course you knew he was going to make dope music.