Aw s**t, we are about to get an overload of ignorant music right chea! (you can tell by the poorly put-together title)!

Listen, in the end of the day, everyone needs a bit of ignorance in their life! With that being said, “Post To Do” is not all that ignorant… On it, Quavo drops an auto-tune heavy hook about wanting every bad chick in the world, Pump puts up a solid verse revolving around flossing and procuring the baddest of chick in the club, while French Montana delivers his bars like a boss on his verse, proclaiming his top notch stature in music, the streets and women-filled venues. When you combine the three styles together, s**t sounds erratic; but if you were to grade them individually, French and Pump actually did alright on this joint!

Rain-check them b*tches is what you’re supposed to do, Quavo!