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Mr. Vegas’ Turns His Love For Women Into A Hit Song Titled “Can’t Go Without”

After all of these years, the legendary Mr. Vegas is still a hit-making reggae artist.

Mr. Vegas has over 20 years of experience making music. Within that time, he has made everything from soca to dance-hall to reggae gems. In “Can’t Go Without,” Vegas’ latest single, he gives us something that balances the past, present and future of each sub-genre I mentioned.

You know what I love about “Can’t Go Without?” It almost sounds like an anthem for all the individuals of the world that are unapologetically obsessed with women. Throughout the vibrant track, listeners are gifted with feel-good vibes, heartwarming, yet brash lyrical content by Mr. Vegas, and most importantly, melodies that are extremely infectious! Every moment of this track feels blissful and filled with pure energy, and I am completely for it!

Make sure you check out Mr. Vegas’ “Can’t Go Without” up top!



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