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The Brilliance Deliver Something Hypnotizing In “Oh Dreamer”

“Oh Dreamer” is an out-of-this-worldly musical experience that is also hella fun to listen to!

The Brilliance, a band name I find absolutely brilliant, were able to come up with something… (Wait for it… Wait for it!) BRILLIANT with “Oh Dreamer!” With the track giving off plenty of riveting feels instrumentally, both topic-wise and vocally, the band (Along with Diana Gameros) follows in that same path, blessing us with lyrics that are divine, and a singing performance that practically pins your ears to the ground, feeding it hypnotizing melodies and harmonies ’til they each tap out. Personally, I am a fan of musicians that do everything they can to get their messages across, so I was certainly pleased with The Brilliance’s unique/organic views of love.

For fans of Diana Gameros, she is featured on the music video to “Oh Dreamer!”



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