Doddi and Una Stef Join Forces For The Powerful “Last Dance (Wastelands)”

Doddi and Una Stef understand the importance of not taking love for granted on this song.

Doddi and Una Stef are Iceland musicians that you can tell never take a single word, rhythm or sentiment for granted whenever they make music. Luckily for us, the two decided to join forces for “Last Dance (Wastelands),” and the end-result is an adrenaline-filled hit that also does a great job of getting you in your feelings.

“Last Dance (Wastelands)” is powered by this emotional/hard-hitting/uptempo instrumental that does a great job of testing your speakers manhood. Over this instrumental, Doddi and Una Stef go back and forth with one another, wondering how each other approaches love, life and everything in-between. Personally, I love both the chemistry and vocal performances you get on this song, as both singers do a great job of showing real passion and feelings on their contributions. I also like that this song has some dance vibes to it, despite it being powerful lyrically.

Make sure you check out Doddi and Una Stef’s “Last Dance (Wastelands)” at the top of the page! Also, make sure you visit Doddi’s Spotify page HERE for remixes to “Last Dance (Wastelands)!”




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