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Future & Lil Keed Unite For “Undefeated”

Future and Baby Young Thug (aka Lil Keed) sound like a solid tandem!

Future must’ve woke up gassed up today, because this morning, he decided to drop two new fiery trap records. One of those records is “Undefeated” — a fast tempo banger that features a relentless version of Future that is intent on delivering a bunch of savage bars utilizing this tongue-twisting rapping approach. Personally, I believe Hendrix is blurting out pure malarkey, but hey, if the kids tell me to like s**t like this, I’ll go ahead and like it!

Lil Keed is also featured on “Undefeated,” and on his lone verse, he screeches out both braggadocious and thuggish lyrics, breaking glasses in the process.

No one is going to say it, but I will: This song is stupid.



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