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Lil Skies Opens Up In “Magic”

If Lil Skies thinks he’s Magic, he should be on his way to tampering with something right now.

Lil Skies is probably one of those artists Cole thinks is a ‘Lil Whatever;’ but to me, he’s more than that. In my opinion, the Pennsylvania rapper has this level of realness to him, as he tends to show no fear in opening up to his fans and listeners whenever he makes music. In “Magic,” those sentiments ring all the way true, as Skies blesses us with an emotional cut that features a passionate instrumental, honest lyrics about hustling and providing for fam, and most importantly, a mix between an infectious melody and hungry raps. All in all, I f**k with this song a lot, and see it as yet another step towards a holy path for Skies’ career.

You know what’s kinda funny about this song? On the hook, I hear a slowed up version of Da Baby’s hook on “21”… Am I trippin?



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