Wait, we get two Bryson Tiller songs in one week? Damn, Christmas must’ve came early this year!

It looks like Bryson Tiller is looking to own the summer, because this week, he decided to drop two blazing hot singles. “Smile” is one of those singles, and on it, you get a version of the Louisville singer that is completely unchained.

The instrumental behind “Smile” is smooth, but also has plenty of heavy-hitting elements attached to it. Over this instrumental, Bryson goes dumb, singing boisterously about trying to get his chick to acknowledge all he can do for her both physically and mentally. Personally, I love the energy attached to the song, and how DJ Snake opted to hook Tiller up with something that straddled the line between EDM and R&B.

Is there a dude in the industry that is better at staying in his lane than Tiller?