H.E.R. Reflects On Her Past In “21”


Why does three year old H.E.R. dress better than seventeen year old Billie Eilish?

Before the tender age of 22, H.E.R. accomplished so much in the music industry. In “21,” her latest single, she reflects on some of those accomplishments.

You know what I love about H.E.R.? She’s a helluva singer, but at the same time, she has this level of grit to her that is enjoyable to listen to as a major rap fan. In “21,” we get to hear both versions of the Vallejo native, as she sings angelically on the hook and raps ruggedly on her verses to the track. But in the end of the day, I think “21” is a winner because of how vulnerable it is lyrically.

Why does H.E.R. make 21 years old sound old as s**t on this song?




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