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YNW Melly Absolutely Shines In “Dangerously In Love”

I don’t want to see YNW Melly dangerously in anything (Not even love) …

As YNW Melly continues to rot in jail, his brand seems to continue to rise. On the real, I saw this happening, because I think he’s actually a solid artist. In “Dangerously In Love,” Melly shines, as he tackles Beyonce’s song with the same name, toughening up the lyrics slightly and adding more of a melodic/harmonic feel to it (Believe it or not). Personally, I think YNW killed this s**t, as singing-wise, he’s outstanding on it.

Why does YNW have to be a f**king psycho (I’m obviously assuming he will be found guilty of murder)? I think he’s a hot ass artist.



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