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Panic8577 Raps Tough In “Welcome 2 Room 2285”

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“Welcome 2 Room 2285” is full of rebellious thoughts, trill sentiments and explosive bars.

Panic8577 is a pretty animated rapper. Don’t get me wrong, in “Welcome 2 Room 2285,”  he shines bright by gliding through his verses utilizing outstanding wordplay, punchlines and serious flows; however, I believe it’s his knack for covering a variety of topics in his music that catches my attention the most. Throughout this album, Panic8577 dives deep into alcohol consumption, dominating rap, hustling. grinding, gangsta ties, traffic and sexy women, tackling each topic using this raw/unapologetic approach each time. Matter of fact, while listening to Panic8577 spit, he often made me applaud his gangsta, nod my head to his honest words, and get hyped up off of his exhilarating energy.

As a major rap fan, I also found “Welcome 2 Room 2285” as traditional/authentic as it gets when it comes to the genre. I also found it to be pretty riveting to listen to, too. On the real, there is never a dull moment, and the overall harrowing feel that it gives off is way too intriguing to pass up.

“Welcome 2 Room 2285” will be released August 23rd. Stay tuned!




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