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DSB n Ike Okani Go Crazy For Afrobeats In “Gimmie Afrobeat”


Who’s in need of AfroBeats? DSB n Ike Okani are selling some in “Gimmie Afrobeat!”

OK, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect “Gimmie Afrobeat” to go in the direction it did. First and foremost, the instrumental that powers the song is full of fantasy-like sounds and a tempo that is harder to keep up with than a Kardashian. However, as the song goes on, things start to make much more sense, especially when you get a chance to hear Ike Okani’s unchained/semi-deranged/energetic lyrics centered around having a mandigo, afrobeating some girl, and most importantly, dancing ’til your feet hurt. Dare I say, I actually got out of my chair, hopped on the table and started simulating afrobeating a girl while listening to the track (Uh Oh)…

I’m trying to go to an EDM Afrobeats party! I’m also trying to go to Mexico.



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