Knarly Jones Drops The Explosive “Redemption”

Knarly Jones delivers EDM gold with this song!

Knarly Jones, someone with one of the greatest names ever created, is an EDM producer from Detroit, Michigan that has a background in Mathematics and Chemistry, but way too much love for making music to keep doing equations. This summer, he’s been in the studio heavily, hammering home hit after hit. “Redemption,” his latest hit, might be his most explosive to-date, as it features everything from epic drops to classic electro-house vibes.

While the energy attached to “Redemption” is probably its biggest selling point, I believe the cinematic feels it gives off shouldn’t be ignored. Throughout listening to the track, I felt goosebumps — And I’m one of those people that only get goosebumps when I’m watching Denzel Washington thrillers. All in all, music lovers will enjoy this song, especially if it is played in the right setting (aka Vegas nightclubs).

Man, I suddenly have the urge to go to a pool party in Vegas.




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