Kathy Ingraham blesses us with a timeless hit!

If you’ve been watching television or listening to the radio these last couple of years, you’ve probably heard Kathy Ingraham sing. Throughout her career, she’s sung for major companies such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi, and many more. In 2014, Kathy decided to dabble in music-making, collaborating with legends such as Henri Krieger, Meatloaf, Marc Cohn, Michael Bolton and Richie Havens (To name a few). One of her latest creations, “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do,” is one of Kathy’s finest pieces of work, and it features a wonderful vocal performance, wise words revolving around everlasting love, and most importantly, Kathy’s unique and innovative sass and glow. To call what you hear on this song classic/timeless-sounding would be an understatement.

Make sure you listen to Kathy Ingraham’s “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do” at the top of the page! Also, be sure to follow her music journey at the following links below: