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OLUSE Swags His Way To The Finish Line Of “Boiling Point 4788C”


“Boiling Point 4788C” is probably both the sliest and hardest thing you will hear today. 

OLUSE is a Nigerian-American rapper that makes some pretty intriguing music. In “Thorium,” his latest album, the Los Angeles, CA native shines bright, gifting us with animated bars and unique subject-matters. “Boiling Point 4788C” is a off of “Thorium,” and in my opinion, it serves as an introduction to who OLUSE is as a person.

Boiling Point 4788C’s superpowers are its typhoon-like instrumental (That almost made me nauseous), its trill topics, and OLUSE’s various styles of rapping. Throughout, the combination makes our Naija hero’s lyrics about being the fliest of rappers and stiff-arming critics sound E40-ish, dynamic, adrenaline-filled and hater-proofed! (Oooh Wee!)

OLUSE is the truth! Make sure you listen to “Boiling Point 4788C” at the top of the page, and check out “Thorium” HERE!



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